Having issues?

  • I can't see my cape?!
  • This is a common one. There's a few things we need to check! First thing to check is have you waited at least 30 minutes! Capes can take up to 30 mins to update. If you're not seeing it restart the game and check back in half an hour!

    Then let's first make sure you've uploaded a cape to our website, and under the correct username.

    Once you've checked that, if you still don't see your cape let's make sure the mod is definitely installed. First open up minecraft and go to the home screen. Click the "Mods" button, If you don't see that button you haven't installed or loaded forge correctly, next look for "James090500's MinecraftCapes Mod". It must say exactly that! Make sure it's the right cape mod! If you see that it means the cape mod is installed successfully. Now for the final check.

    Now we need to make sure capes are turned on in "Skin Customisation". To do this we need to click "Options...", "Skin Customisation" then make sure "Capes" are "ON".

    Lastly, remember capes do NOT work on cracked servers! This mod is for real minecraft accounts only

    If you still don't see your cape, another mod might be overriding it. Try with only the minecraftcapes mod in forge and see if it works. If it still doesn't work leave a comment on any of my YouTube tutorials.

  • My game is crashing!
  • Crashing is never fun, but I can easily get that fixed for you. A few things you can check first is make sure the mod and forge is up to date and try remove any other mods which could be cause the crash. If the game still crashes upload your crash log to paste bin and leave a link on this YouTube video.

  • My cape hasn't changed in game!
  • If you've just uploaded a cape, you'll need to wait 5 minutes and you'll need to restart your game to see the new cape.

  • Do you want to play minecraft with me?
  • Of course I do! Join our minecraft server! play.capecraft.net and visit the website https://capecraft.net/

  • Can I use this mod in a modpack?
  • Absolutely! Go ahead. You can use this mod in any modpack you want you have my full permission, just make sure you link this site so people know where to get a cape!

Are you getting crashes?

Still stuck? Email me. [email protected] Please send emails in english and follow this template.

  • What's your username?
  • What's your Minecraft Version?
  • What's your Mod Version? (ESC > Mod Options > James090500 MinecraftCapes Mod
  • What's your issue? Be detailed

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