1. Registration

When registering, we ask only for your website username to be the same as your minecraft username. We ask that you set your password and email different for security reasons.

What happens when you register:

  1. Your password is encrypted into a 1 way encryption that cannot ever be revered or read from
  2. eg; SecretPassword46 becomes $2y$10$VR6XEU.PjZklFC2qLBql7eubu7CP2vV1BsEMNNmWvvT.OTwxkZuAC | Test here

    This means that only you know your password and no one else ever will

  3. Your username, email and encrypted password is stored in our secure database which only James have access to
  4. The registration is complete

Your privacy is our up most importance which is why our server password is only known by James and would take a super computer about 17 QUATTUORVIGINTILLION YEARS to crack

2. Uploading a Cape

  1. The file you submitted is checked to see if its a valid cape file
  2. The file is then saved on our server system

You can see you/anyones cape by navigating to https://minecraftcapes.co.uk/getCape.php?u=USERNAME and replace USERNAME with a username

3. How the mod works

My mod is completely seperate form Minecraft.NET official capes and Optifine Capes. My mod first creates a new cape layerm which only players with the mod can seem then assigns a texture to it

Players not using the mod will not see the cape as it wont be look at my website for textures.

It's impossible to get a cape everyone can see unless you go to minecon, work for mojang or under extremely special circumstancs. The only way to get a cape is to use a mod, and only players with the mod will see the cape.
  1. Downloads the cape of every player on the minecraft world to minecraft:capes/USERNAME.png from https://minecraftcapes.co.uk/getCape.php?u=USERNAME (Players with no cape will have an invisible texture)
  2. The actual cape layer then automatically looks for textures in minecraft:capes/USERNAME.png
  3. The cape is displayed and seen by you

4. Why/How is this service free?

Why: Because I dont want to charge people for a ingame cape and no one would pay anyway

How: We use Google AdSense to generate ad revenue which pays for server costs and domain charges